Two Instruments in One

LM-Syntette: The Original Dual-Gracey

This innovative—and now essential—instrument began in the 1970s in the mind of Swedish dentist Leif Ericsson, head of the periodontological department at Västervik Hospital. He was concerned at the number and complexity of periodontal instruments then in use.

A Simple Idea

To Ericsson, the obvious solution was to combine two popular instruments that required an instrument switch in the same interproximal area: Gracey 11/12 for mesial surfaces, and Gracey 13/14 for distal surfaces. Ericsson sketched the idea then put it aside.

Two Come Together

Years later, on a crowded suburban train, Ericsson chanced to meet Pekka Kangasniemi, founder of LM-Dental. Ericsson’s idea came up. The combination of Ericsson’s ingenuity and Kangasniemi’s recognition that the idea was a good one led to creation of a combined instrument: a double-sided Gracey.

Idea Becomes Reality

LM-Dental perfected the design and named this Dual-Gracey the LM-Syntette. This all-around instrument allows dental professionals to use a single instrument for all tooth surfaces.

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