After-sales service

In order to serve you as efficiently and smoothly as possible in complaint cases LM follows the product return policy specified bellow. The policy affects all the products manufactured by LM Group, including dental hand instruments & supporting products, orthodontic appliances and LM-ProPower devices.

Guidelines for returning LM product to LM-Instruments Oy

Before any product return shipments please check that you have the following:

  1. Please email the filled Customer Service Form prior to any product return shipments. A Customer Service Form can be ordered from LM by email or downloaded from here.
  2. Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) from LM-Instruments Oy. Please ask for a RMA number from LM-Instruments Oy by email at or request it by sending a filled Customer Service Form stating the reasons for the return shipment.
  3. Original invoice number of the returned product should be indicated in order to determine the warranty.

Attach the filled Customer Service Form and the invoice number to the return shipment and mark the RMA number on the package. Unauthorized shipments will be returned to the sender at sender’s expense.

LM-ProPower devices

Before contacting LM-Instruments Oy, check if there is a certified LM service partner in your country for more efficient and quicker service.

For more information, please contact
Tel. +358 2 45 46 400