Optimized workflow

Individually chosen and tested instrument selection supports clinician’s ergonomic work. Treatment specific and individually adapted sets help organizing the work and make it easier to follow ergonomic working habits.

Efficient care and handling

Clinicians need for individually coded instruments, treatment specific customized trays and easy storage in practice room are fulfilled by LM-Dental with LM-ServoMax system. Its versatile, attachable modules keep all instruments and accessories organized in a single tray.

You can organize and rationalize the handling of dental instruments and accessories also during the maintenance. Good hygiene control saves time by minimizing the handling of the individual items. This system prolongs the life span of instruments and protects the dental personnel.

Color coded instruments, procedure sets and trays make the identification easy during both clinical and maintenance work.

Optimize workflow and rationalize instrument maintenance to save time and money, but most importantly to improve the quality and safety of your patient care.

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